Responsible Business

Relationships with people.
Good relations with people in business are the basis for cooperation. We strive to make our company act ethically and honestly towards our business partners. This also applies to the general public to which our products go. For this reason, we have introduced the rules for accepting orders. In our activities, we care for our consumers, business partners, local communities and the environment.

How we care about the environment.
The GALERIS Group is people who live in your life on one Earth with you. Rate how you want to live in a clean environment. We develop our business consciously. We have a choice and we use it. To access information that you can order products that care for the environment is a priority. We segregate waste and use raw materials to the maximum.

We work for charity.
If we can, we work for charity. We do not inform the public about whom or what and how we support. We believe in a very wise principle: "Let your left wing do not know what your right wing is doing". We believe that we do not have to say everywhere and to everyone that we have done something useful.

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