Our rules

If you want to order a project, finished product, service, advertisement, spot and / or if you rent an Internet domain and / or server space from us, you must remember the following rules. We do not create the above and you cannot redirect or publish content to our servers:

We kindly ask you to respect these principles. Cooperation based on mutual respect brings benefits.

How we treat materials sent by the client.
We consider all content provided by the Customer (texts, graphics, photos, animations) as coming from legal sources and being the property of the Customer or that the Customer has the rights to use these materials. Unless otherwise stated, the customer is responsible for the materials provided. We leave the client to take care of all formalities as to the possibility of using the submitted content in his order.

The materials used to make samples and provided by a potential customer may bear signs of use or damage due to various technological processes. By providing us with such materials, a potential customer agrees to this state of affairs.

We kindly ask you to respect these principles. Cooperation based on mutual respect brings benefits.

Why the GALERIS Group prices may differ from prices on e-commerce websites.
The principle of most Klints at the beginning of cooperation is to buy a CHEAP and GOOD product. Our answer is: "Please buy two products - one cheap and the other good". Our task when signing partnership agreements with suppliers is to negotiate the best quality of the final product at the best possible price.

Comparing prices with those on famous sales websites in Poland and around the world is pointless. Our suppliers often test "cheap products from the Internet". Their research shows that they are made of the lowest quality materials that look good only when handed over to the final recipient. Using them is waiting until it breaks in your hand - it resembles the quality of a toy from a great Asian country.

Where are cheap suppliers trying to save? BANNERS - the use of low-quality weave materials, rusting mounting eyelets and the worst-quality print inks. LEAFLETS - digital printing without preparation. Prints are pale and illegible and bleeds are poorly cropped. SERVERS - cheap and full of ads without current security and without technical support. COMPLAINTS - not included. PEN - the worst quality without a guarantee of writing. FOILS - using substitutes without informing the customer.

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